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2018 Aggregate Price List

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Gravel Products
Bank Run Gravel
7.00/CY 7.50/CY
3″ ‘Type D’ Gravel
8.25/TN  11.55/CY   14.00/CY 10.50/CY 11.25/CY
3″ Non-Spec Gravel
9.50/CY 10.25/CY
1½ ‘Type A’ Gravel
11.50/TN  16.10/CY 15.00/CY
1½: Crushed Gravel
8.75/TN  12.25/CY 11.25/CY
3/4″ Crushed Gravel
9.50/TN  13.30/CY 12.50/CY
3/4″ Crushed Concrete Gravel  *NEW*
4″ Concrete Reclaim
1½” Pavement Reclaim
3/4″ Pavement Reclaim

Sand Products
Bank Run Sand
8.00/CY 6.00/CY 6.75/CY
Masonry Sand 20.00/TN  26.00/CY 26.00/CY
Screened Sand
8.25/TN  10.75/CY 14.50/CY 8.50/CY 9.00/CY
Sand Clay Fill
4.50/CY 5.50/CY 5.00/CY 5.00/CY
Filter Sand
36.00/CY 36.00/CY
Ballistic Sand
Underdrain Sand

Stone Products
Rip Rap 12″ – 24″
20.50/TN  22.55/CY 23.00/CY
Rip Rap 6″ – 12″
18.00/TN  19.80/CY 21.50/CY
Rip Rap 3″-6″
18.50/TN  20.35/CY 23.00/CY 21.50/CY
2½” Crushed Stone
16.50/TN  20.65/CY
1½” Crushed Stone
15.00/TN  18.75/CY 18.00/CY
Washed 1½” Cr. Stone
17.75/TN  22.20/CY 26.00/CY 26.00/CY
¾” Crushed Stone
16.00/TN  20.00/CY 22.00/CY 19.00/CY
3/8″ Crushed Stone
19.00/TN  23.75/CY  24.00/CY
1/4″ Crushed Stone 22.50/TN  28.15/CY
3/4″ Round Stone 27.00/TN  33.00/CY 32.00/CY 32.00/CY 32.00/CY
1½” Round Stone 27.00/TN  33.00/CY 33.00/CY 33.00/CY 33.00/CY
3/8″ Stone Dust
7.00/TN  9.80/CY 8.50/CY
1/4″ Stone Dust
3.50/CY 9.25/CY

Recycled Products
Stump Disposal
13.00/CY 13.00/CY
Concrete Disposal – no rebar, bricks or blocks
4.00/CY 4.00/CY
Concrete Disposal – no rebar, but mixed 8.00/CY 8.00/CY
Concrete w/Rebar
20.00/CY 20.00/CY
Pavement Disposal
No Charge No Charge

Landscape Products
Screened Loam
15.00/CY 15.50/CY 15.50/CY 15.50/CY
Gardener’s Blend Top Soil
20.00/CY 20.00/CY
Erosion Control Mix
21.00/CY 21.00/CY 21.00/CY
Dark Bark Mulch
39.00/CY 39.00/CY 39.00/CY
Organic Compost
39.00/CY 39.00/CY
2′-4′ Landscape Rocks 30.00/EA 30.00/EA 30.00/EA
Infield Mix
Cobble Stones 6.00/EA
Misc. Granite Curb 8.00/FT

Salt Sand Products
Salt Sand – 10% Salt 48.00/CY
Super Salt Sand – 50% Magic Salt 98.00/CY
Magic Salt 165.00/CY
Road Salt (Untreated) 125.00/CY
Delivery Prices
* 10 Miles or less add $5.00 per yd. or $4.50 per ton to the loaded price.
* 11-15 miles add $6.00 per yd. or $5.50 per ton to the loaded price.
* Over 15 miles, please call.
Call ahead for availability.


2018 Aggregate Price List