R.J. Grondin & Sons believes in maintaining a healthy environment to work and live in, for ourselves and for the generations to come. The law mandates part of what we do, and we comply with local, state and federal regulations on our projects. However, we often go above and beyond what is necessary to help keep our part of the world a cleaner place.

Some of the things we do to help the environment include:

  • We have built and designed wetland mitigation and habitat preservation projects, providing wetlands compensation opportunities to development projects throughout the Greater Portland Region. View projects…
  • We upgraded the heating and cooling systems in our main office to high-efficiency heat pumps
  • We have worked with Efficiency Maine to update most of our light fixtures in our maintenance shop and main office to reduce our energy consumption on a daily basis.
  • We recycling asphalt and concrete to reuse in roadways, parking lots and driveways instead of unnecessarily taking up space in landfills.
  • Grinding stumps into an erosion control mix to prevent erosion on various projects, which is a natural alternative to using petroleum-based silt fence.
  • Producing aggregates onsite whenever possible to minimize trucking materials from other locations, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption as well as minimizing usage of virgin aggregate materials.
  • Reclaiming old pits and quarries into sites for homes, fields, ponds, wetlands and other uses that contribute to the community.
  • Washing equipment with an oil/water separator for cleaning grease and oils that cleans the run-off and protects the watershed.
  • Heating our maintenance building with radiant heat to minimize energy usage and maximize efficiency.