West Side Interceptor Sewer Replacement—Portland, ME.

R.J. Grondin & Sons was the winning bidder on this $4.4 million combined sewer overflow abatement project for the City of Portland.  This was the largest project of its kind in the United States to utilize the 60” SaniTite® HP pipe, which had only had ASTM-accepted standard since early 2010.  The use of this innovative new pipe technology allowed us to install over a mile of this pipe – on average ten feet in depth but in places over twenty four feet deep – in under four months.

In addition, the contract called for half a mile of trail upgrades and replacing a dilapidated walking bridge for Capisic Pond Park.  Within the park, as required by the city’s Natural Resource Protection Act Permit, we only performed the work within the Inland Wading Waterfowl Habitat area during the specified time periods.  In addition, we were only granted a 30 foot wide working corridor through the 2,700 foot long section of the project that traversed through the park.  The City of Portland estimated that 113,000,000 gallons of combined sewage annually flowed into the Fore River Estuary from this project area before the separation. Today, there is none.